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Olive’s joy and laughter brings only pure happiness to my heart. The moment she was born, I have strived to make it the best possible environment for her {she has changed me as a person for the better!}. I want her to grow up strong, loving, mentally beautiful, and kind. It is our goal to raise her to do what she loves, without judgement, and love her for who she is. We always want her mind to be creative and filled with wonderment; we hope we can always inspire her to be a free spirited and independent lady.

We love reading together. It’s one of her favorite activities. Her current favorite book is the Little Engine That Could. She will, honestly, make me read it over and over again and it’s a long one! What is my most favorite moment with Olive? When we are being silly and giggly and we don’t have a care in the world. Nothing in that moment matters but her and I. Those are my most precious times with her. I, seriously, cherish every second of it. When a child is free with no worries or care, it melts my heart. When her giggles fill the air with happiness, it is the best sound in the world! I only hope that she stays this innocent forever!



I love watching her grow. I do my best {albeit my blog} to document every milestone and growth period she has. It’s a great way to reminisce on when she was the cutest little baby to now, a growing little girl. She has learned so many new things and keeps surprising us everyday with her laughter, her words, her humor, and her fun, quirky personality! I love every single minute of it. She teaches me how to be curious, loving, and patience just by being her. For that, I am greatly thankful for this opportunity to be a mom. My husband and I are so blessed by this little girl and every day we count our lucky stars she is in our lives.


Thu and Olive blog over at Tandem in Love. Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse into Olive’s magical childhood, Thu! Olive is wearing a full sized ‘Pink Flamingo’ crown from our shop.